It is an honor that a few of my clients have offered to share a piece of their healing journey with you.

Private Integrative Yoga Therapy clients:

I initially came to Danielle to help unwind a hip injury sustained in my yoga practice. In working with Danielle, I learned that there was much more that needed healing as well, including lifelong issues with posture, body alignment and other physical issues. Additionally, she also helped me to resolve and unpack the many decades of “mashing my feelings into storable sizes” throughout my body. 

Danielle approaches her work with great knowledge in the foundations of yoga therapy. She is a gifted listener and guide, willing to journey alongside her clients in ways that support the long-term healing of body and emotional issues. Her gentle presence is non-judgmental, highly intuitive and aware. Her wisdom on an anatomical and trauma level pervades her work and allowed me to open and be present to the deep work that is her healing practice. 

I give thanks for Danielle’s choice of this path for her life work!

Julie, Minneapolis

By the time I came to see Danielle, my typically healthy and happy back had become extremely limited in motion. I could barely put on my socks, shoes or underwear, nor could I stretch into a child’s pose or attend Pilates classes without constant pain.

When we began working together, it was during an intense period of my life, which I know now was my last year of perimenopause. At the time, I was experiencing burnout and was in the process of examining everything - my work, relationships, capacity for energetic output, and tolerance for what I was willing to accept or ignore in my life. I definitely wasn’t aware of how deep the changes were that needed to be made as I prepared to go forward into a brand new phase of being.

But my body did, and it was starting to remind me that I really wasn’t paying attention.

My work with Danielle began with deep breathing exercises and micro-strengthening yoga therapy movements. all done with her in person. I would practice the breath work and movements daily at home with complete safety, lying on my back on my mat with my Practice Notes from Danielle as my homework. As our work progressed, it also deepened into the spiritual and emotional levels, where Danielle would guide our work together, gently. With patience and trust, Danielle helped me to uncover, and to release, the grip of fear and tension deeply held in areas of pain in my body, and I learned just how closely all levels of being are connected. With a daily spiritual, emotional and physical practice that was individually crafted just for me, I felt supported and guided between sessions when I practiced on my mat at home. I learned to listen to my body and to follow my own intuition for the daily needs of my whole being. Pain or holding in areas of my body were guides for going more deeply inside for awareness, acknowledgement - and eventual healing.

I would recommend Danielle to anyone who is willing to look beyond the physical body, to explore emotional and spiritual health using the body as a guide and teacher. I’ve worked with Danielle for four years now, the first three years seeing her weekly in-person and now remotely through video bi-monthly. I am thrilled to realize that we can work as deeply through video as we can in person. She is a gifted teacher and guide, with a capacity for intuitive and emotionally sensitive guidance that is generous, skillful and deeply knowing. With Danielle’s help, I was able to uncover and examine hidden places of hurt and fear that had not been reached even during eight years of therapy. I credit Danielle with helping me to create and to maintain a daily practice that doesn’t depend on finding a yoga studio or prescription from a doctor. My practice helps me have a healthy, pain-free body, sustains my spirituality, and teaches me self-care for my emotional well-being. I can’t recommend this process, with Danielle as a guide, enough.

Anna, CO

I've struggled with emotional and physical pain in relation to PTSD for the majority of my adult life. Before my first session with Danielle in 2018, I wasn't sure if the physical pain in my body was related to my trauma or some other medical condition. I'd gone to multiple doctors and specialists trying to figure out the source of my intense pelvic/thigh pain and had about every test done with no answers. 

And then my psychotherapist told be about somatic/body work for PTSD. That's how I ended up finding Danielle and Twelve Petals Wellness. It was the beginning of a new path, one that would finally bring the body and mind together. I've found through Danielle's guidance that it's in the journey where the lessons are learned and the true healing begins.

In a little over a year's time working with Danielle in her cozy home studio, I'm almost completely free of the pelvic/thigh pain I'd been struggling with for years. And beyond that, I've discovered how much more pain and trauma my body has been holding onto. Now I'm on a brand new path of not just letting that pain go, but facing it, loving it and accepting it as part of me. Danielle's guidance in this endeavor, of seeing my body and mind as one, of understanding the connections and patterns, has been absolutely fundamental to my healing.

Danielle is one of the kindest, gentlest people you'll ever meet. As someone suffering from trauma, her firm, but soft approach has been so appreciated. It's allowed me to feel immediately comfortable and safe in her space, but it's also given me the push to challenge myself in ways I hadn't before. Danielle is patient and empathetic, having gone through her own emotional and physical transformation through yoga years ago. She comes to this practice with a deep, personal understanding of how it works and I think that is key to how she's been able to help me in such a deep, life changing way.

Robert Frost famously wrote "The best way out is always through," a favorite quote of mine on this journey through trauma. At Twelve Petals Wellness, Danielle will walk with you, step by step, through the healing process... and the journey will become your destination. 

Arianne, Fridley

After trying for over a decade to actually enjoy a yoga class and reap some of the benefits others seemed to enjoy, I began to literally hate yoga. I would at times briefly feel some serenity at the end of class during the meditation, but the previous hour would be filled with the agony and humiliation of trying to find my body in space well enough to hold a pose correctly or even at all. But there was yearning to continue this journey because I knew I was routinely leaving my body in my everyday life, and likely at my own physical and emotional peril.

The pain of leaving my body led me to begin to pray that I could find a private teacher to heal the humiliation and help me be in my body. A friend told me about her yoga therapist who made her slow down and breath. This sounded hard, but good, yet I was scared, really frightened about what I would not be able to do in my body and if even if I could, what I might find there….

What I have learned has been so profound. I have realized that leaving my body has been my primary coping strategy most of my life, and that really I was afraid of my own body, and as a result creating my own chronic pain. As I worked therapeutically within the poses, finding my breath, learning to get and be grounded and recognizing when I was not, as well as following the energy of my pain, I began to release the pain and became more aware of so much more in my life. My body now guides me.

I have been working with Danielle for about a year and I now know how to almost fully inhabit my body, to realize when I am not grounded, to go to poses and hold mudras that will help me get grounded, and to find and move energy in my body so that I can open, unwind and soften. I have a daily practice that helps me get grounded, release energy and tightness, and find the sense of safety in my physical body. I feel incredibly blessed that I have these resources within myself to never again fully alienate myself from my body when I am overwhelmed by my emotions and the stressors of life. Rather I can accept more of how emotional energy moves in and out of my body, and I can learn to unwind from it while learning to soften more into my experiences rather than fight against them by leaving myself and my sacred home in my body. Thank you Danielle!

Jennifer, Minneapolis

I came to see Danielle suffering from severe, chronic lower back and sciatica pain. I was skeptical about the relief yoga could bring but nothing else I had tried had worked. The practices under Danielle's guidance have not only given me pain relief but so much more than that. My lower back pain has all but disappeared and my sciatica pain has moved from constant and chronic to episodic bursts that I am learning to prevent or control. I have gotten stronger physically but am also now infused with a much greater sense of calm and appreciation. I was not convinced of the power of Yogic breathing at first but it is slowly transforming my life. Breathing, poses and meditation are helping me to build physical core strength and, as or more importantly, emotional strength and a greater feeling of peace.

I move more mindfully but also live more mindfully. Yoga therapy has developed in me a greater physical and emotional self-awareness. It is helping me let go of the small and petty
annoyances. I am learning to contemplate rather than jump to (almost always negative) conclusions, to move from the automatic fight-or-flight response that causes so much physical and emotional stress to the relax-and-digest mindful response. I find myself feeling kinder and more generous.

I have learned that although chronic pain may be initially caused by an injury or an illness, it can also change the mind-body connection. Breathing, practicing yoga postures and meditation are now slowly but surely erasing my physical pain and quieting my "monkey mind." I cannot find the words to truly express my gratitude to Danielle for the relief she has brought to my pain and for helping me reclaim my life.

Corinne, Minneapolis

Danielle was highly recommended to me. I needed help with lower back issues. Right away I appreciated Danielle’s wholistic approach to questions regarding my background and to what brought me to Twelve Petals.

While Danielle helped me with exercises and movements for my back there was so much more that came up. During my sessions with Danielle I came to realize how much I held my breath and how little I was doing full breathing. Working with that opened up more of a space for me on a physical and non-physical plane. I felt freer and lighter not only with my breathing but my whole body felt more alive.

Yet my greatest gift came during the visualizations Danielle led. These visualizations created an awakening of my heart and an opening for me, as Danielle so poignantly said, “to continue inviting yourself into your heart…” Danielle guided me in opening a path and this opening was unexpected but so desired. I am forever grateful to Danielle for helping me to open more fully the path to my heart.

Danielle is a holy person. She is beautiful and gracious and acts with a reverence to you and to what you present to her. She is a very kind and safe to be with. I felt I could reveal anything and everything and it was held with compassion and love. Danielle is a very wise woman and has an intuitiveness that goes very deep. She is a gifted woman and has a presence that is solid and comforting, nurturing and grounded.

Mary Anne, St Paul

One miserable late night I was on the search for a gentle yoga class in Minneapolis and came across Danielle's bio on the Devanadi Yoga's website. I'd been dealing with severe lower back pain that was limiting my ability to walk for more than a block or two. My chiropractor diagnosed me with degenerative disk disease and basically told me it was incurable but treatable with stretches and icing. I made an appointment with Danielle, expecting to learn some yoga poses and stretches to help with my back pain. What I experienced was so much more. Besides talking about my physical health, we also talked about my mental, emotional, and spiritual health. We talked about my upbringing, diet, beliefs about myself. She taught me the importance of the breath and mindful daily practice. After three sessions, I was able to walk around Lake Calhoun (about 3 miles)! And, over a year since that first meeting with Danielle,
my lower back continues to feel great. Besides that, I have a collection of resources to help me with other facets of my wellness. When I start to fall back into unhealthy behaviors,
I remember Danielle's Ayurvedic lesson that hit home with me, "Like increases like." I still struggle with some issues,
but thanks to Danielle's gentle guidance and nurturing practice, I'm headed in a better direction.

Missy, NE Minneapolis

Just like my time in the military, if we wanted to be able to accomplish an objective, we rehearsed, trained, and practiced to attain success. Similarly, learning to cope with PTSD requires a similar approach. Working with Danielle and practicing yoga therapy has allowed me to recognize my anxiety triggers, proactively apply an appropriate rehearsed technique, and objectively evaluate my reactions. It has taken practice, but yoga therapy is a major component of my 'toolbox' to deal with anxiety. In addition to counseling at the VA, Yoga therapy helps me be proactive when dealing with my PTSD. This approach has helped me achieve greater quality of life without using any medication.

Duane, St. Louis Park

After years of chronic pain and stiffness in my neck, low back and shoulders - I have finally found something that brings change and relief. Danielle has taught me how to change my lifestyle and  reduce stress through yoga therapy. The holistic approach of breath work, movement and lifestyle changes are bringing long overdue change to my body and mind. Danielle is knowledgeable, compassionate and encouraging as I learn how to live my life in a way that fosters health and well being. The teaching she has shared with me is changing my life –
thank you Danielle!

Lynne, Robbinsdale

Danielle's approach to Integrative Yoga Therapy is incredibly compassionate and welcoming. Beginning with the first session, she encouraged me to share aspects of physical, mental, and emotional challenges that many therapeutic settings don't integrate. I felt like all aspects of my life and experiences were valued, empowered, and accessible for healing. I have recommended working with Danielle to countless family members and friends based on my own positive experiences with growth and healing.
Nyssa, Minneapolis

I had memories inside me that were as sensitive as an infected tooth. In my mind, there were the facts of what happened, but there were also many different interpretations fighting for position as Truth. My mind was very involved in negotiating for an interpretation that led me to peace. But whatever interpretation I held in my hand would eventually slip out like a fish. I started to research Post Traumatic Stress Disorder simply because my usual therapeutic approaches and processes were not working. I researched and found out about Danielle and Integrative Yoga Therapy. It made sense that the trauma lived in my body. Danielle guided me to locate where this trauma was inside my body and acknowledge it, bring consciousness to it, and learn to tolerate it, accept it, and it transforms. Like a belligerent child, this pain simply wanted unconditional acceptance within me. In three sessions Danielle helped me heal wounds almost 20 years old. 

Diedrich, Minneapolis

When I found Danielle, I was like anyone with ongoing pain – searching for a way to get rid of it and quick. I spent a lot of time online looking for sciatica quick fixes and eventually in a round about way discovered Integrative Yoga Therapy, which eventually brought me to Danielle, which I can say has provided me with even more than I thought I was looking for!

I knew next to nothing about IYT, but my hope was through this I would get my muscles in balance, my pain would go away and I would live happily ever after – end of story. I am happy to say I am on that road, but not ready to say end of story. Danielle has started me on a healing journey – an adventure where the journey is as important as the destination. She is stretching me – not just my muscles, but my mind as well. I am looking inward attempting to discover aspects of my personality and lifestyle that also contribute to my pain. I have always considered myself a very spiritual person, yet in my attempts to fix myself I see now that I totally separated the physical from the spiritual. Pain can do that. So now through a variety of physical exercises and yoga poses (my favorite parts!), breathing techniques, journaling, and visualization, I am putting my life’s puzzle pieces together. It is natural to stick with the obvious - my pains stems from L5 spondylolsis and seek only methods of correcting that, but now I am open to exploring healing beyond the obvious. I began this journey seeking balance, but have come to embrace a much broader definition of that word. Danielle has challenged me to look at the interaction of the emotional, spiritual and physical. For me Yoga Therapy is like Physical Therapy with a bonus!

Danielle has been great to work with – professional, respectful, encouraging, and simply friendly. She looks at me as an individual and I feel like “my program” has been tailor made just for me. I have discovered Danielle is quite intuitive and she is pacing me. I would jump in over my head, but I am learning to adapt a more slow but sure mind set. She gives me what my body can handle, she adapts an exercise anytime I experience any pain in doing it and throughout this process I am learning to listen to my body’s cues. While I know this journey is ongoing, I am delighted to say, with Danielle’s help, my presenting symptoms are under control! Thank you Danielle for listening to me, for working with me and for helping me to take a step into a brand new tomorrow.

Sue, Bloomington, MN

Students from classes or workshops:

I loved the chakra workshops taught by Danielle De Pillis. She is warm and welcoming, knowledgeable and wise. Her work as a Yoga Therapist fits well in the expanding areas of energy medicine and energy psychology. She has an integrated teaching style making it easier to internalize information, personalize it, and experience a transformation of energy. I had not done mudras before and found matching each mudra and yoga posture to an energy center enhanced my ability to open and flow. Danielle brings a wonderful natural spirituality to her work and it shows in the quality of her guided meditations and her classes .

Jayne, Minneapolis

Danielle offers a great therapeutic approach to managing and healing ourselves and pain. The 8-week class was a wonderful experience for me!

Kathryn, Minneapolis

Thank you for the wonderful workshop! I always learn so much from you. I have been practicing what I learned from your workshop and feeling a new sense of confidence and inspiration about my job and career transition. It was exactly what I needed to get the fire going in my third chakra to help me be out in the world with confidence and ease.

Aruni, St. Paul